12 Key Sales Success Strategies for New Entrepreneurs

You’ve worked so hard to build the business of your dreams thinking about even minute details, but all of it is in vain if you cannot sell. Here is a list of strategies that new Entrepreneurs can explore and apply to make their business a success.
1. Solve Problems
This is often overstated but success begins with an answer to what can you do for me?
Even a magic cleaning cloth can be sold to a macho man if you know what problem you can solve.

2. Manage Chaos and Manage in Chaos
Know the customer’s buying habits and purchasing cycle and help create order with reminders for key dates and time to re-purchase notifications especially if they buy for special occasions, need a refresh or if your product or service has an expiration date. You can do this by developing a communications channel that allows you to stay connected such as telephone, email, social media or mailers.  

3. Build Relationships                 
Customers are open to investing into a relationship related to the problem that they have and you can solve for them. Take the time to become the trusted “Doctor” they refer to or visit when this problem arises.

4. Stay in Tune with your Customers
Adjust your style to complement theirs and address the benefits that your product or service offers to solve problems. You can lead your sales pitch or script with the key benefit that you feel will best appeal to them and continue the conversation accordingly.

5. Borrow ideas from the competition
Do this freely and without remorse because they are speaking the language that your customers like to hear and they create the atmosphere for the feelings they want to experience. They provide so much insight about your customers

6. Listen
This is a free and easy tool that leads to sales but so often overlooked. You can tell how much an Entrepreneur loves their business by how much they listen when in conversation about it. You’ll be able to address a customer’s concerns clearly once you listen.

7. Continuously Improve Your Offering
Entrepreneurship is an evolution and you must be willing to be challenged by feedback whether negative or positive and use it to improve your product or service.

8. Never Play the Victim
Keep yourself motivated and positive about your sales goals this will help you strive to better yourself if sales is an area that needs improvement for your business.

9. Think Proactively 100% of the Time
Anticipate problems or objections ahead of time by brainstorming worst case scenarios. This includes knowing any discounts or special offers you are willing to offer to get a reluctant customer to leave with your product if you know it will solve their problem.

10. Fill Your Head with Minutia
Know everything you can about your industry and use this as leverage over the competition. See #3.

11. Live and Breathe Marketing
Seek out opportunities to market / promote your company, don’t just sit back waiting for the time to arrive. When you hear the problem that you can solve come up in conversation promote your solution.

12. Take a Break Now and Then
Working continuously leads to circular thinking. You must take time to refresh and be open to new ideas and perspectives. This includes changing your routine, your store layout or your operations from time to time.

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