Anne Day made me do it!

I mean it is in my communications strategy – starting a blog. I have attempted it before but the days in between posts were growing and the conceit of writing great ‘material’ became overwhelming so my pages were left to pollute cyberspace.

Today however in conversation with Anne Day, Founder of Company of Women, I realized it is imminent for me to start.

Since school started back, I have been taking some time off. This year marks the entry of all of my children into public school. I have been reflecting on the intense pace that I have lived my life over the last 16 years to raise them and nurture their beings. I know it is nowhere near being complete but I am taking a minute to reflect on all the highs and lows that went into making them the great people they are so far.

Part of my ‘celebratory’ events was attending a breakfast networking event put on by the Company of Women at the Verity Club This is an amazing space for women. The topic for the event was “When are you going to get a real job?” referring to women starting or running businesses.

This topic resonated with me because lately I have been contemplating the idea of finding a job. Despite being in business for over 6 years now, I am grappling with an internal feigning for change. I was thinking that if I closed up shop I would no longer have to constantly be thinking about every facet of my business. A job would help me conserve energy by knowing what to expect each day no matter how mundane.

This morning during breakfast however when I was asked to reflect on the reason why I started the business all that came to mind was the face of the last person I worked for. Though she was successful financially and showed good ‘face’ in public, she was a low person and I could not face the possibility of having to end up with a manager like that again. That put everything back into perspective.

At the Breakfast I had an opportunity to speak with Anne and the other attendees in a very relaxed way and I was reaffirmed about my purpose.

What I walked away with is that it is time to express my creativity on another level. So here it is my blog on lessons for business success. M

Proud mom of 5 and founder of the amazing company MarketStart.