Business Plan

Divorce: Disaster or Do-Over?

I am ready to reinvent myself after a disastrous divorce. Now that I am able to stop living with the negative and make way for the positive, I am ready to change my career direction. I have always wanted to

The Real Single Ladies: Purpose, passion, plans.

The Real Single Ladies of Toronto Founder, Elle gets real about following a passion that helped her uncover her purpose. Elle is working to put a plan of action together through the OWN IT! Business Development Series. Elle’s star is

MomPreneur: Can I take the leap to become one?

 I often struggle with guilt and finding balance between my career goals that can financially enrich mine and my family’s life and being a good mom. I’ve been contemplating transferring my skills  to start a Freelance Consulting business. However, before

The Positioning Statement: A Start Up Hypothesis

CREATING THE POSITIONING STATEMENT FIRST. I have never approached the process of creating a position statement at the start of market validation (primary market research).  Typically it is a conclusion that is made and added to a business plan after

Using the Lean Canvas to Plan for Growth

GROWING USING THE LEAN CANVAS  I am in the process of building a lean canvas for my business to pivot my model and enter new customer segments or target markets. (I’ll write another article about Lean Canvas). A BUSINESS FOR

What does ‘Pivot’ even mean for a business?

I am researching a new direction for my business: MarketStart™ a business plan writing and advising service for start ups using the lean canvas approach. Business has been very easy for me because the expectations are very clear. How much

Building Traction: A Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Business planning has evolved from a 300 page document written by economists and analysts to the more modern business canvas and more directly the lean canvas. The Lean Canvas and other canvas models are built on hypotheses about a business

Business Grants: More Than Free Money

There is such a misconception about free resources for small businesses. As a business plan writer and advisor, I meet many Entrepreneurs who excitingly reveal their incredible business ideas to me and then usually follow up with “I would like

The Benefits of a Monthly Budget.

My father had a habit of sitting me down for hours to have father-daughter bonding time. These were always one-sided and ended up with my eyes glazing over while I listened to him try to relate to me through stories

I resolve not to look at my phone while my child is talking.

Everywhere on social media, I see all of the progressive and ambitious lists of actions that people will take this year to improve their lives tenfold. At one point in my life these lists used to make me anxious because

Self Employment: A Saving Grace

“Self employment provides people with barriers to traditional employment the opportunity to perform relevant work, earn income and live with dignity.” I made this declaration while representing a member organization of a newly formed ‘inclusivity reference group’. The mandate was

5 Signs that you were meant to be Self Employed

You may have thought about the possibility of starting a business and working for yourself but were just not sure if you were meant for that type of work. You see people all around you taking the risk and some