Business Plan

12 Key Sales Success Strategies for New Entrepreneurs

You’ve worked so hard to build the business of your dreams thinking about even minute details, but all of it is in vain if you cannot sell. Here is a list of strategies that new Entrepreneurs can explore and apply

The 5 main steps for starting a business

I’m working on a process to make starting a business simple to understand. I have worked with over 100 entrepreneurs now and in reality the process is the same and can be summed up in 5 steps: 1. Self Assessment:

Granted: Taking my voice for it…

I assume way too much. I believe everything I think is obvious and that others already know that and it is not anything new. I take my knowledge and opinion for granted. This belief has kept me quiet and struggling

Business Lessons from a Break Up

The constant nausea sitting deep within the stomach, the inability to see anything else in your mind’s eye and your eyes are puffed and dry unable to drop any more water. Not wanting to get up out of bed, constantly sleeping hoping

Demonstrating a commitment to community development means talking about your business.

My 5 year old son has recently started playing soccer. While I spent the first few weeks completely focused on him and his adaptation to the new environment, I was finally able to lift my head and look around. What

Anne Day made me do it!

I mean it is in my communications strategy – starting a blog. I have attempted it before but the days in between posts were growing and the conceit of writing great ‘material’ became overwhelming so my pages were left to