Business Lessons from a Break Up

The constant nausea sitting deep within the stomach, the inability to see anything else in your mind’s eye and your eyes are puffed and dry unable to drop any more water. Not wanting to get up out of bed, constantly sleeping hoping to wake up in paradise or death.

These are the symptoms of the end of a meaningful relationship. The toll is physical as well as emotional and the grief consumes the whole being.

And now you have a potential client meeting at 11 am.

Immediately you are ready to cancel but this meeting will close the deal you have been working on for 2 months. What should you do?

Get your butt up!

You have spent the last year working on an awesome business model that is gaining momentum and notoriety. To do what? Let it go over a relationship that needs to change?

This is why contingency planning is essential. I mean while conducting a SWOT analysis (determining the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to the achievement of business goals) you don’t really think about a break up with a boyfriend but it can be listed as a threat of personal issues. Having foresight and including a plan to handle the ups and downs in life will keep your business progressing, not stalled. The solution if you are not in a position to hire associates yet may be to keep someone abreast of the goals you have set and what is coming up so they can step in at pivotal moments.

Also focusing on work and other positives in your life will inspire you and lead to healing faster.

Embrace change as positive!


Proud mom of 5 and founder of the amazing company MarketStart.