Demonstrating a commitment to community development means talking about your business.

My 5 year old son has recently started playing soccer. While I spent the first few weeks completely focused on him and his adaptation to the new environment, I was finally able to lift my head and look around. What I saw was families, coaches and parents who are business owners, executives, stay at home moms and dads but ultimately people with their own incredible networks. I saw the potential for me to share my business and vision with new connections but I missed the marked.

I felt like it would be intrusive of me to start new relationships to serve my purpose and build my business. I thought I should be there to focus on my son and support his achievements. So I shied away and stayed in my comfort zone, having conversations about our children.

In hindsight now I realized I did myself and others a disservice. Had I opened myself up to discuss my business it would have allowed others to get to know me and understand that I am completely committed to a stronger community and easily built the trust that business relationships require for them to become rewarding.

This is a struggle that many women face, putting others before ourselves. This belief is so deeply ingrained in society – that women be nurturers and that the needs of others have priority above their own purpose. It is hard to overcome because even our deepest spiritual systems encourage this. New age philosophies exist to counter these but many of us prefer to remain in our comfort zones.

This can be attributed to the documented limited levels of success that businesses owned by women achieve. As commendable and noble as it may seem it is harmful to the vision we have for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Our businesses are a part of us. In the right settings it should be discussed as easily as telling others our names and giving handshakes. It expresses who we are and what we stand for: vested citizens in the well being of our communities especially our children not just a bottom line.

Let’s change our mindsets!


Proud mom of 5 and founder of the amazing company MarketStart.