Divorce: Disaster or Do-Over?

be richI am ready to reinvent myself after a disastrous divorce. Now that I am able to stop living with the negative and make way for the positive, I am ready to change my career direction. I have always wanted to be self-employed. It would allow me the space and flexibility to heal and attend to my personal growth. Now that I am starting to see things more clearly, I often wonder what my business would look like. But where could I find the support needed? New entrepreneurs require a lot of direction and guidance, and I find myself in a place where I have questions about laying out achievable goals and defining my vision.

How would I benefit from MarketStart’s Own It program as a woman starting fresh and looking for entrepreneurial support?

Michelle Lochan: A major event that transformed my life was the end of a 10-year marriage. Getting married and becoming a mother as a young woman defined my role very clearly. When the marriage ended I had to face myself. I had no idea who I was. Before marriage, I was a university student then I was a wife and mother and then what? I was a shell of a woman with children to take care of and uncertain of my next steps. The fascinating thing about going through a seemingly tragic life episode is that you are already at what you think is the bottom which makes it the perfect time to try drastically different things. This was when I decided to fully commit to my passion as a full time endeavour. I found a business start-up program with a focus on women and our unique learning needs. This type of support awakened my confidence, allowed me to heal and think about what I wanted to create.  It was with the help of this business program that I found my wings. I even went on to win the Entrepreneur of the Year award the next year.

OWN IT business programs are small groups of women business owners that are given a safe space to share their concerns about starting a business especially addressing fear and success. Women will be empowered to explore their ideas and learn the fundamentals of growing a successful business with an award-winning Entrepreneur and dedicated advocate for entrepreneurship as a means to equality for women.

Proud mom of 5 and founder of the amazing company MarketStart.

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