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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still write a business plan if I am not a great writer?

This is the greatest concern of business plan writers.
This is a personal document and only needs to be understood by you. You will be working from an easy to use template. If your business plan is for an audience other than yourself, there are affordable proofreading and writing services that can help. We can provide you with references.

What if I give up and don’t complete the program?

You can have someone complete the program on your behalf working on your business idea. Each program start requires a certain amount of participants to begin and half way through we will not be able to fill your spot with a new participant. If you cannot start at the beginning of the program you can be added to another program start date if space is available.
We do not offer refunds.

What if I discover my business idea won’t work?

PLAN FOR BUSINESS is designed to uncover the potential of your business idea at the beginning of the program. You will be able to determine if you have a good business idea by the start of session two. If you discover that your business idea is not profitable you are allowed to change your idea by the start of the second session.

Can you write my business plan?

Yes. MarketStart provides business plan writing services starting at $1500. The average turnaround time for a business plan written by MarketStart is 8 weeks. If you are interested in this service please fill out the contact form. Thank you.

Where are you located?

MarketStart is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Centre for Social Innovation, Regent Park.

Can you help me plan a business if I am not in your city?

Yes. MarketStart provides you information, resources and suggestions that you are required to follow up with, investigate and then decide if it applies to the success of your business. This program is designed to assist you in becoming empowered and aware of resources in your respective cities that will contribute to your business success after the program.  As this program is self-managed it helps keep costs down.

You can also ask for specific help during the Q&A group sessions, the 1 hour free consultation and in the online group network.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes, you can pay by credit card through PayPal. Alternately you can send an Email Money Transfer to michelle@marketstart.ca

Do you offer a guarantee?

MarketStart guarantees to provide you excellent service. We do not guarantee that you will have a complete business plan.
PLAN FOR BUSINESS is designed to lead you to success. If you follow the steps, do the work and have a positive attitude you will mostly achieve your goals.