Granted: Taking my voice for it…

I assume way too much.

I believe everything I think is obvious and that others already know that and it is not anything new.
I take my knowledge and opinion for granted.

This belief has kept me quiet and struggling to find something brilliant to say or put out there. It is tough and has left me quiet for a long time! It’s not until someone looks at me with a gaze of wonder and says “I never thought of that!” that I may get hip to the fact that ‘hmmm maybe I do have a sound opinion that others find intriguing.’

I also think a lack of follow up on an opinion I’ve given contributes to me taking myself for granted.
I have a habit of striking up conversations with random strangers (though I have found this to be a growing phenomenon called ‘networking’), listening to their current issue, formulating an opinion from my standpoint and then saying it. I think I am comfortable doing this because there is a lack of permanence in the relationship, no commitment so the consequences of any actions taken are no to low risk. The only fall-out here is that I don’t know how helpful my opinion was and so I assume that it had no value.

Feedback is important. It should not be random. It helps us grow and improve.
When I receive feedback it helps me gain clarity over “my voice” and by that I mean the position in life that I represent and share insight from. My voice helps others expand their thinking and challenges their capacity to handle new ideas. My voice needs to be heard because I do not live in a one-dimensional world with an one world view and even if I am naive and I do live in a one-dimensional world, it is shaped by the voices of millions of others who need to be heard.

Granted, there are circumstances where the feedback is not necessary but would be nice for example when asked for a wine recommendation by another patron at an lcbo. Then there are circumstances where feedback is beneficial like when asked for my strategy on how did I manage my family and start a business. I would like to know if my comments were warranted and useful. This will help me formulate a more concise and practical answer which is beneficial because it relates to my business.

Because of me being stuck waiting to articulate wise commentary, I have written pages and pages of reflections. Maybe the benefit of taking my voice for granted all these years will translate into a good book! M

Proud mom of 5 and founder of the amazing company MarketStart.