Using the Lean Canvas to Plan for Growth

Lean Canvas


I am in the process of building a lean canvas for my business to pivot my model and enter new customer segments or target markets.
(I’ll write another article about Lean Canvas).


For years I have focused on creating a name for myself and my business as an expert in business plan writing and business development to grassroots Entrepreneurs in a different financial start up bracket than tech companies for example that have grants and investors behind them.

The greatest interest in my services came from low to middle income people with a bevy of skills, or hobbies or interests that wanted to translate these into a source of income.

This market was not necessarily focused on planning to scale, franchise or sell their businesses. Their businesses are an  expression of their passion, allow them to be productive members of their community,  exercise leadership and fulfill a desire to work even outside of traditional work that they may not have fit in. They just need the know-how.


It was a challenge for me to create a sustainable income because most of my clients had their own financial challenges that prevented them from being able to pay for my services even with the strongest desire.

My strategy was to pursue not for profit organizations that offered Entrepreneurship training and had a budget to cover my costs. This strategy was successful and helped me scale my business.

I created programs and services that filled the gaps that I consistently noticed in the programs with the greatest one being professional and technical business advising.

Now there are so many of these ‘free’ programs that they have become my competitors.


I am fortunate to be trained on the lean canvas approach to business development which is an evolved methodology of the business model canvas. The canvas models are designed to accelerate business start up by testing hypotheses about a business idea before or instead of researching and writing a business plan which is essentially a documented hypotheses.

My goal is to find alternate ways to offer my services to the market that is familiar with me and my work while also elevating the businesses that are ready for growth. I am going to use the lean canvas process to do this and will document the process through my blog.

The canvas models are the future of business development in an age where time is money. I hope you’ll join me and share your thoughts along the way.

Proud mom of 5 and founder of the amazing company MarketStart.

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