I resolve not to look at my phone while my child is talking.

Are you listening?

Everywhere on social media, I see all of the progressive and ambitious lists of actions that people will take this year to improve their lives tenfold. At one point in my life these lists used to make me anxious because I felt like such an under-achiever. I would think ‘what could I do that would ‘trump’ all the others?’ I would come up with some lofty goal like lose 30 lbs in 30 days by sucking grapefruits or something but then my mother would show up with her warm homemade bread and I forgot about the grapefruits.

So all of these posts led me to consider what was I going to resolve to accomplish this year? I mean I have given up all of my vices, I am working on my health and spiritual wellness, I have forgiven those who may “have trespassed against me.” So what would my resolution be?

It was while I was browsing my email and listening to a joke that my son has told me 20 times. I could recite the punchline but I respond as though it’s the first time I’ve heard it. “Who’s there?” I loyally reply and then he delivers it.
This last time he says to me “Mom, I am going to email the joke to you.” I was shocked, hurt and amused. What a smart ass!

His remark really affected me and I started to pay attention to mine and others phone usage especially in front of children. I feel bad when I see a child speaking to someone who is occupied with their phone. It makes me think they are being neglected. I also wonder what the long term affect may be; that they think that what they have to say is not as important as a timeline or news feed?

So with all that being said, my new year’s resolution is to do my best to put my phone down while any of my children are talking to me. I shared this with them (something I should have thought through a little better) and now they hold me accountable.

All the best for you and your family! May 2015 be rich for you in every way!


Proud mom of 5 and founder of the amazing company MarketStart.