The leading contributing factor to business failure is a lack of planning. MP900432728 (200x133)

Writing a business plan is typically a 3 month process but MarketStart has converted the business development and plan writing process into a 6 week 6 step process!

Why Write a Business Plan?
To plan the actions that lead you to your revenue goals
To manage your time and spending
To communicate with potential investors (including family!)
-To serve as an operations manual that outlines how your business will work

Your Business Plan
When you work with MarketStart you will transform the business vision you have into a document with an action plan to help you achieve your goals one by one. You will learn about the key parts of a business plan and you will be guided through the process of operations – how your business will work.

Through MarketStart’s online business planning program, ‘PLAN FOR BUSINESS’  you will learn about:
– resources and your readiness to start a business
– industry
– customers
– competitors
– operations
– marketing
– sales and how to fund your business.

You will also receive coaching from Michelle Lochan, Owner and Lead Business Advisor, who has worked with over 200 Entrepreneurs. MarketStart services are designed to help you succeed.

The Program